Out With A Flash

Now that I have a speed light I find myself looking for settings in which I can practice using it. On Wednesday night one such opportunity presented itself in the form of a community round table discussion, anchored by Dr. Clarence B. Jones.

Out of respect for the panelists, I tended not to use the flash during the event 1. When the event was over, however, all bets were off!

When the panelists were called together for a photo opportunity, I saw my opening and set up my speed light to capture the moment. The school auditorium has very high ceilings, so I was dependent on the light’s built-in bounce card to provide illumination, but other than some glare in several participant’s glasses I’m pleased with the results. The image below does have some adjustments to it, mostly bringing up the shadows a bit and some minor cropping 2. I’m looking forward to bringing this flash with me on my trip out to Oregon.

Panelists in the Dr. Clarence B. Jones round table
Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm lens (flash fired)
ISO 500
ƒ 3.8
1/80 sec

  1. I shoot in that room often enough I’ve figured out how to take decent images without a flash, but there’s a lot of noise generated. 
  2. There were water bottles in the background, they made for bad framing.