Not Quite The Same


My neighbor and I hadn’t been our on a photowalk for a while, so we took advantage of the stunning weather to get out and see what we could see. I wanted to force myself to use my body as the zoom, so I attached my 40mm lens to my D7000 body. My intention was to attempt more street-style photography.

The image below is my favorite from the walk. From the back, these women look as though they could be twins 1, and at first glance they appear to be sitting with the same posture. Upon further examination, you can see they are not sitting the same way. The woman on the left has one leg folded up on the bench, while a single foot touches the ground. The woman on the right seems to mirror this posture, until one takes into account there are two shoes on the ground, but she has both legs folded up on to the bench. This was not a detail I noticed at the time, and it’s a reminder to me I need to pay attention to the entire frame when I’m composing a shot.

Two women on a bench overlooking the Delaware
Nikno D7000 with 40 mm lens
ISO 400
1/800 sec

  1. Examining the photo again, it’s more likely a mother/daughter pair.