An Empty Street

On my morning walk last Thursday I caught a site I’d never seen on Duke of Gloucester Street in twenty years. It was empty. I’d made my way about two-thirds through the historic area and looked up right at the moment of pause before the living history museum awoke for the day. The maintenance trucks had all vacated the street, and the grounds workers had left with them. The interpreters had yet to begin making their way to their posts, and neither locals nor tourists were out and about.

The town was empty, and that’s when I captured this photo. The Millinery is to my immediate left, and I had a clear view all the way to Charlton’s Coffeehouse. The capital can just be made out in the distance, to the right of the trees. It was an amazing moment of peace, quiet, and beauty.

A quiet morning on Duke of Gloucester Street
Nikon D7000 with 55-300mm lens
55 mm
ISO 400
1/800 sec


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  1. Perfect timing. What a gorgeous shot!

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