Black and White Cross


Jamestown Island hosts a memorial to the settlers who died in the early years of the settlement. It’s a bit controversial, as it’s a giant wooden cross, but it’s historically appropriate. Whatever else the first Jamestown settlers were, and they were a great many things 1, they were products of English Christian Spirituality 2.

The memorial itself is a wonderful subject for photography. The wood is weathered, and with every subsequent trip it appears to pick up more and more character. This past visit to Jamestown island was no exception, and I found myself capturing an angle which I’d not before used to frame the memorial. I knelt low at a steep angle and caught the beams in a way which made them appear to be in the beginning stages of falling over. There are some brilliant clouds in the sky, and when I viewed the photo on my iPad Screen I determined it would look best in black and white. The result is on display below.

Black and White photo of a memorial on Jamestown Island
Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm lens
ISO 400
18 mm
1/2000 sec

  1. A number of which look nothing like the teachings of Jesus put into action. 
  2. And, it turns out, from a surprising number of branches of English Christianity.