In the Old City

Yesterday began very well but, for undisclosed reasons, soon became a mess. This left me with no time to write yesterday, but I’ll try to get back to the Penny Gnomes tomorrow.

Before the day went kablooey my wife and I ventured into Philadelphia and walked Elfreth’s Alley. This lovely setting is billed as the oldest residential street in America, and has an origin between the years 1703 and 1736 1. In the Twentieth Century the residents along the alley recognized the treasure which for which they’d become caretakers, and began preservation efforts. The photography opportunities are fantastic, and we’ll be heading back soon to explore the Alley’s resident Museum when it’s open. It has a very “Diagon Alley” kind of feel.

The image below is actually Bladen’s Court, which was a private cart path attached to the main alley. The court was constructed by two home owners who wanted easy access to their back yards 2. The silence in this space was stunning, leaving me in disbelief I was in the middle of Philadelphia’s Old City.

Bladen’s Court, off of Elfeth's Alley
Nikon D7000 with 18-105 mm lens
18 mm
ISO 400
1/800 sec

  1. There are two markers in the Alley itself, the official sign says the structures are examples of the types of buildings found in Philadelphia beginning in the 1720’s. 
  2. And it’s no where near as creepy as Knockturn Alley. 

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