Fiction Update

This is the first Tuesday in a long while where my blogging goal wasn’t a new piece of fiction. It feels weird, to be honest.

Fiction is still on my mind, however, and remained a big part of my day off. I spent Monday morning working in Aeon Timeline as I began the process of mapping out the sequel to In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes. I’ve got two working titles for the novel, Put a Sock in It and The Darned Conspiracy. Both will have the sub-title “A Realmian Adventure” attached.

I’m rather excited about this process, as it’s the first time I’ve decided to map out the story in full before I begin spitting out my imagination into Scrivener. Thanks to Aeon Timeline I’ll be able to keep track of characters, the passage of time, and even the time of day. My previous two novels were pretty much written via the “seat of my pants” method, and I found it cumbersome to steer as the story progressed. Beginning with the timeline will help me flesh out the feel of the story, I like that.

Right now I’ve got the first two chapters mapped out in Aeon Timeline 2, which I will soon be syncing with Scrivener as a new project. Over the course of this week I’m going to be mapping out the history of the conspiracy which Grimby and Fineflin wind up investigating. This is going to be fun!


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  1. And in the midst of that, you will be getting the others ready for publishing ? That is a big order.

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  2. Planning ahead? Boo! Any time I plan everything comes of stilted. 😦

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