Fiction Tuesday – The Legend Lives On

Will was lying in his bed, wearing the same clothes he’d been wearing the night Bug had woken him up those many months ago. Nothing in his room seemed amiss, which wasn’t what he was expecting.

After the storms

I’ve not said much about the struggles of Puerto Rico and much of the Caribbean caused by the “one-two” punch of hurricanes Irma and Maria. This isn’t because I felt the topic unworthy. Witnessing that much destruction was overwhelming. When I’m overwhelmed I need time to ponder. My initial pondering has run its course, and it’s past time I highlight this struggle in this space.

Morning Pause

Sunday mornings are a bit odd for me. I love worship, but getting to the opening of our worship time takes a bit of work. I go over my sermon, check my slides, set up our project and computer, make sure the heat it working, and then greet folks as they come into the building…

Magnetic Prayer

At our youth group we have certain prayer stations set up to help the students spend time time in quiet with God.