My Creative Resolution

Three years ago my friend Jamison posed an interesting question to me, “What if we decided to do one creative thing, that isn’t for work, every day for a year?” The result of that question was a reinvigoration of Painfully Hopeful. This has lead to my writing two novels, planning a third, and the exploration of a host of topics 1. My output last year took a bit of a dip, I took a lot of weekends off in 2017, but I didn’t feel bad about it. Painfully Hopeful has been a discipline for me, rather than a master. I enjoy being creative, and writing helps me spend a good amount of time inside my own head 2.

I’m planning on continuing my blogging trend in 2018, and I hope it will go as well as in years past, but my creative itch has been tingling for a couple of months and I might be adding something to the mix this year. One of the photography blogs I follow dropped a comment about taking at least one photo every day for a year, and it intrigued me. When the only enthusiast camera I possessed was my Nikon I’d never even have considered such a goal, as carrying it around in a ready state to shoot was unrealistic 3. The G7, on the other hand, vanishes from my consciousness – the bag is small, the lenses are tiny, and the body is so light bringing it with me when I’m out and about poses no great obstacle.

So I’m going to attempt taking at least one photo with my G7 every day in 2018. Not all these images will be shared, as I may capture something at work or with family that needs to be kept among my more immediate circles 4, but I suspect a good number will find their way on to my various photo sharing spaces 5. I think I’m going to like this!

The image below is a photo of one of the decorations in our bedroom. On the surface It might appear odd to have a framed paper doll hanging over my dresser, but only until the story behind it is shared. My Maternal Grandmother loved to design clothes, and created a whole set of papers dolls and clothes for a cousin who had been home-bound with an illness for a number of years. Decades later my great aunt asked if some of these creations could be returned to the family, a request which was granted. As a treat my mother copied and framed some of the preserved creations, giving one to each of her children as a Christmas present. It’s enjoyed an honored spot in my home ever since, in memory of a remarkable woman.

A fashion doll, with outfits
Panasonic Lumix G7 with 25mm lens • ISO 400 • ƒ/2.0 • 1/50 sec

  1. Often with a theological bent. I am, after all, a pastor. 
  2. Which is where Im most comfortable, anyway. 
  3. And my iPhone camera is isnt one I care to use for photography. 
  4. My wife has already told me she gets to veto sharing any “baby bump” photos, for example. 
  5. Including here, of course. 

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing 2018’s collection! 🙂

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