Gray Day

Yesterday a front rolled through the area, raising the temperatures from the 20’s all the up to the upper 60’s. The change in pressure was accompanied with a nauseating headache, as well as a large amount of rain.

The grayness of the day afforded me an opportunity for my daily photograph, even though getting out wasn’t in the cards. I thought the relative brightness of outside held a nice contrast with the drab light which the weather caused to be washed over our dining room. Even with our large windows, without artificial light our home was even more grey than outdoors.

Looking back, I should have attempted to play with the G7’s bracketing features to create an HDR image, but my headache was so bad at the time the thought didn’t occur to me. Still, I think this shows off a nice dynamic range. Even in a single exposure.

A rainy day, as seen though a bay window.


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  1. Peg Horton says:

    Even in a. Gray da. Your photons bring me joy

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