Going Premium

If you happen to be a regular visitor of this site you have noticed there’s been quite a number of changes around here! Thanks to a sneaky spring promotion, I decided to take my level of service up to “Premium,” which affords me the option to use all the Premium themes. I spent last night playing around setting up the site with this new theme, “Perennial,” and I really like how it turned out.

You may also have noticed I’ve got some ads down at the bottom of my posts. The Premium tier allows me to enable WordAds, which allows me to monetize the site. I figured I could experiment with the ads and see how they do. WordPress only pays out money when the amount reaches $100, which would be just over the cost for a yearly Premium subscription. After taxes that would mean I’d be able to keep up the site at no cost to myself, and with a baby on the way that could be helpful. I’m not married to the idea, though, and if you all think the ads are obnoxious or intrusive I’ll just turn them off. At any rate, if I can’t make enough to pay for my subscription, next year I’l just bump back down to the Personal level,. But I’ll buy this theme because I like it a whole lot 1!

The Premium subscription also allows me to sell items though the site, which I might want to do. There are a couple of devotionals I’d love to throw up on the here for a nominal fee, including the one I’ve been working since Christmas, and it might be fun to throw up a “pre-edit” version of In the Land Of The Penny Gnomes for a dollar or two. We’ll have to see. My goal isn’t to make cash, but it would be nice to offset the cost of the subscription a bit!

So, welcome. What do you think?

  1. It’s got some amazing typographical features. 


  1. I was wondering why this site looked so awesome! Love the new layout. I do hope you start throwing some writing up for purchase. I’m sure a devotional from you would be a treat! 😀

    1. wezlo says:

      I am still pondering this, thanks for the input

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