Well.. that happened

I’m pleased to introduce the latest edition of my family, “Bump 1.” Mother and baby are doing fine, dad’s brain is Swiss cheese 2.

I suspect we’ll be hearing more about Bump as time goes on. After all, parenting may be one of the most painfully hopeful things you can do 3.

Bump takes a nap
Panasonic G7 with 25mm lens • ISO 800 • ƒ/1.7 • 1/60 sec

  1. Yes, he only goes by his internet handle on social media. This particular nickname came from a shirt my wife wore during her pregnancy which read, “I love my bump.” 
  2. Lack of sleep, combined with lack of caffeine, does funny things. 
  3. And, yes, he has already peed on me. 


  1. Jamison says:


  2. Karen Healey says:

    Congratulations. Wes! Lucky baby. ❤

  3. Mandy Park says:

    Congratulations, and good luck!

  4. Michele says:

    Congratulations, much health and happiness

  5. GriffithsKL says:

    Wonderful news! Congratulations on a healthy baby.

  6. April Van Ness says:

    Don’t lose sight of the miraculous joy!

  7. Peg Horton says:

    Small enough to be held imm your hands yet big enough to fill your Loire w it’s happiness and joy

  8. Peg Horton says:

    Correction…Fill your life with

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