Egalto Cam Link — great features, clunky workflow.


I’ve been looking for a way to do streaming through my Panasonic G7, and to this end I purchased an Egalto Cam Link from Amazon. It’s a small dongle which plugs into a USB 3 port which allows an HDMI signal to be fed to a Mac or PC. I figured picking one up was worth a shot.

The dongle works as advertised, for the most part. When I first plugged it into my Mac it worked with every piece of software I threw at it except Ecamm Live, which is what I use to live stream to Facebook. It turns out the device come pre-configured to be used in Windows, and this will create occasional hiccups on the Mac platform until the device is read by Egalto’s Game Stream software, at which point it is reconfigured to work on Mac. This was a strange way of doing things, and the only way I discovered the requirement was by reading Amazon reviews. That’s not a great statement on Egalto’s usability.

I did manage to get the Cam Link working, and the stream looked great on Facebook. For about two minutes. After that the picture froze 1 and I just stopped moving. I’ll give this another shot, but I may just return it and spend the extra cash to pick up a BlackMagic UltraStudio Recorder. That device works without a hitch. You can see the video, and two minutes of frozen me, below.

  1. Even though the live view continued to work just fine. 

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