It’s a Whole New Aeon!


I did a quick livestream today showing off the brand new Aeon Timeline for iOS. This is the timeline software I’m using to map out my sequel to In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes, and it’s fantastic. Aeon Timeline to set up my own calendar system, create characters and set their background and birthdays, establish locations, and designate distinct story arcs. It has both a timeline and grid view, allowing me to track the progress of different elements in distinct ways, and syncs with Scrivener 1.

Now I have all this, with the exception of Scrivener syncing, on my iPad. This is a huge for me, as my iPad has become my go to productive tool for just about everything. I was so excited I decided to demonstrate it right away! So below you’ll find my first fumbling with Aeon Timeline for iOS. Yay! I’m having  a bit of trouble streaming from home at the moment, but the feed catches up eventually.

  1. Syncing with Scrivener is wonderful. Each event becomes a document, and the dating and other information is carried over as custom metadata. It also syncs with Ulysses. 


  1. Someday, I’ll get Scrivener. Someday. Sigh…

    1. wezlo says:

      Mother’s day

    2. I don’t think so. Not this year. 😦

    3. wezlo says:

      Download the demo, at least. Then you can show hubby how awesome it is and how helpful it would be. And he can give up coffee for two weeks to pay for it.

    4. Hmm. Well. I could try…

    5. wezlo says:

      Only $45, skip dinner?

    6. Hmm…or with that new child tax refund Governor Walker’s handing out in Wisconsin…

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