Stream of Contemplation


I’ve played around a bit with live streaming, and I have to say the thought of doing more of it intrigues me. I know several authors read my site, and it would be fun to do a series which allows them to each share some of their insights on the writing process. I also have some missionary contacts around the world, helping people who have been trafficked, and if Painfully Hopeful doesn’t match their story I don’t know what does. It might also be fun to get on skype with some academics or other pastors and get their perspective on the work they do. I’d like to stay away from talking head banter, though, so I’d have to concentrate hard on how to pull it off.

Aside from interviews I’d like to do some more software and hardware demos, which I enjoy because I am a nerd. I’ve also toyed with doing “devotional moments” in the past and would love to find time to do them again, though these would require more production than a simple live stream would need.

Why would I bother doing this? Well, first, because I find stuff like this enjoyable. Beyond that I find there are times when it’s better to hear someone’s story, rather to read it off the page. Some of the guests I have in mind would provide some compelling material.

I’m interested to know, what types of topics would you be interested in seeing streamed from Painfully Hopeful? Would that be something you’d find intriguing at all?