Fun With Sunsets


One of the cool things about taking sunset photos is making a photo look nothing like the scene I saw with my eyes. Such is the case with the photo below. It was no where near as dark when I captured the photograph, but the way the camera works wasn’t able to handle the full dynamic range that was in my field of vision. Instead, I had to choose to concentrate on either the highlights or the shadows to set up the capture, and I chose to focus on the shadows. This brought out the orange tints in the sky, and created some lovely silhouettes in the foreground.

I have noticed that my Panasonic lenses tend to get ugly lens flares when pointed at a bright light, and this becomes worse when I’m using a UV filter. The effect is not as pronounced in my 25 mm lens, but I do have to be careful with either. Setting a higher f-stop does seem to mitigate some of these ugly green globs, though today I used Lightroom’s healing brush to remove the worst-looking flares.

Sunset on the Delaware
Panasonic G7 with 14-42 mm lens • 14 mm • 200 ISO • ƒ/11.0 • 1/2500 sec