Writing Update – I’ve Processed the Edits!


The work continues on In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes! Yesterday I took advantage of my family’s trip to my wife’s parents and worked through the remaining chapters of my editor’s changes! Right now I’m reaching out to folks to read the semi-final product and getting ready to commission cover-art 1. I’ll also be picking up a block of ISBN numbers for the various versions of the book that will be offered.

The editing process was interesting. There is no doubt my editor, who blogs at Literary Lindsey, made the novel better. She did pull out some of favorite jokes just because they didn’t advance the story 2, but her observations were always spot on. Being edited means trusting someone who wants to make you better, and Lindsey is easy to trust. If you’re looking for an editor, she’ll treat you well!

Releasing a novel is a dream I’ve had for a long time, but I was unsure if I’d ever get a chance to live it. Needing to fill this blog space with content, however, gave me the impetus to get my butt moving. All you folks who read this blog were more encouraging than you can know. Thanks.

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a novel, get to it! Even if you never try to sell a copy, making worlds come to life is an amazing experience.

  1. I’d love to do the cover art myself, but I have nowhere near the skill needed for that. 
  2. Poor Oscar got a few of his moments cut. 


  1. Lovely encouragement! My editor was going to nix one of my fav gags, but I loved it too darn much and fought to keep it. We agreed on 90% of their changes, so they knew that when I put my foot down, I wasn’t going to back down without a fight. 🙂

    1. wezlo says:

      In this instance she said, “It looks like this is here just to remind you the character is present.” Since I remembered writing the gag for jus that reason I had to agree.

    2. Oh, true.
      But gags are fun! 🙂

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