Making an imprint


In the next day or so I should have the cover art for In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes finalized. I’m working through fiverr for the artwork and I’m very pleased with the results 1.

I have the book laid out to send up to Kindle Direct Publishing, the story comes to 284 pages which is pretty cool. The eBook has a few finishing touches left to add, but that edition will also be ready soon. Once I add those touches and receive the final revision to the cover, all I’ll need to do is get my ISBN’s before I send it up to KDP and order my draft copies! This is a life-long dream, it’s quite exciting to be near the last steps.

I’ve also created my imprint for my published works, based on the branding of this blog. Check it out.

Painfully Hopeful Press
Created in Affinity Photo. I love the Affinity line of products!

Now I just need to figure out how to market the thing.

  1. Full disclosure, that’s my referral link, if you order something after clicking on that I’ll get credit. If you need some creative work done, and want to give freelancers some work to build up their portfolio, this is a great site to use. 



    1. wezlo says:

      So, how should I market my book?


      Did you actually want to talk about marketing? I mean, I kinda suck at it, but we can talk if ya want. 🙂

    3. wezlo says:

      I can’t market myself worth beans. It’s one reason while I’ll never be “successful.”

    4. It’s a time suck on so many levels. I’ve spent more time trying to figure out f***************** MailChimp than writing these past 3 days, and I HATE IT.
      And I still don’t get Mailchimp.

    5. wezlo says:

      OHMYGOSH, I love MailChimp! Email me, we’ll figure this out!

    6. MAILCHIMP IS DUMB. But I’ll email you tomorrow. 🙂

    7. wezlo says:

      I know other unnamed mailchimp competitors are dumb, MailChimp is my friend. They gave me a t-shirt.

    8. But it needs these threads, and these emails, adn these things and those things and I CAN’T MOVE THINGS GAH!
      I’ll email you. 🙂

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