Fall Walk

The weather broke for a bit this past weekend, giving us a taste of Fall. It’s back to being wet and humid at the moment 1, but it was nice to have some cooler temperatures for a few days.

Bump and I took a walk, and the photographs I took already had that Fall feel. The light is different, the sky is different, and even the green of the landscape takes on a different character. Fall is one of my favorite times of year for photography, so I’m hoping the weather will be good on Mondays for me and Bump to enjoy!

Panasonic G7 with 14-42 mm lens • 35 mm • ISO 250 • ƒ/5.5 • 1/800 sec

  1. I’m watching a severe weather alert on the TV as I write this. It feels like August. 


  1. Esther Lewis says:

    Wow! Wes, you’ve captured a beautiful scene –

  2. Fall’s always been my favorite season. I’m hoping to take a school day and use it to drive into the state for some beautiful colors…but then, the principal’s had to call me about the boys, so I’m a little afraid to leave town. 😦

    1. wezlo says:

      Rut-row Raggie!

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