Writing Update 09/11/18

With In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes released, and our “ohmygoshwehaveanewborn” schedule starting to gain some consistency, I’ve begun mapping out the next Realmian Adventure once again. This evening I mapped out chapter seven, and am pleased with how the story is turning out thus far. As with the previous novel, I’ll be sharing this on my blog as Fiction Tuesday.

Now I’m not ready to start up Fiction Tuesday just yet, as I’m trying to map out the story before I begin writing, but I may have a short piece of fiction or two to share in the meanwhile. These will give some background story to a few aspects of The Ream which will appear in the novel. It should be fun!

This novel is also the first time I’m using two parallel arcs to tell the story. To help me keep track of how these arcs overlap I’m using Aeon Timeline, which is a fantastic piece of software. The bulk of my timeline has been created in Aeon Timeline’s Mac app, but tonight I used only the iPad version. It was a joy to use, and I can’t recommend the software enough!



  1. Oh oh oh! I might finally be able to afford Scrivener now that I’m teaching again!

    1. wezlo says:

      Do it,do it, do it!

    2. i know! As I’m finishing these edits on Book 2, it’s hitting me that daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagnabit, I need to keep stuff straight somehow.

    3. wezlo says:

      But Windows hasn’t been upgraded to version 3 yet… which is sad.

    4. wezlo says:

      Supposed to be soon, and I believe you get a free upgrade.

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