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I’ve been trying to figure out ways to promote In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes that don’t make me feel ill. Paying for advertising is out of my budget, and self-promotion goes against my grain 1. I needed to find a way to promote The Realmian Adventures without feeling like a self-serving narcissist. That meant I needed to provide something which offered a bit of value for folks who are interested.

To that end I created an @PennyGnomes twitter account.

This is the account through which I’ll share writing updates, author signings, and special pricing deals. That’s the normal 2 stuff every author needs to do. Where @PennyGnomes will get interesting is how I’m going to use it to flesh out the world of The Realm. I’ll be using tweets to highlight different elements of the “science,” culture, and government of The Realm. And, on occasion, the feed might be hijacked by few characters from the novels. You never know what you’ll find. After all, Applied Imagination has a mind of its own. I am also going to be paranoid about spoilers, so if you haven’t read the book yet 3 you shouldn’t worry about the experience being ruined.

So, if you’re inclined, please follow @PennyGnomes – and get ready for a imaginary ride!

  1. I do it, but it hurts
  2. That is to say, “boring.” 
  3. Please oh please oh please read the book! Was that too strong? 


  1. Connected and ready, Sir! 🙂

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