The Fun of Character Hijacks


In order to better spread the word about In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes this week I set up a both a twitter account and a Facebook page to handle promotions for the book. This let’s me keep my blog open to be more focused my other content, though when Fiction Tuesday returns 1 those posts will still appear here 2.

Setting up social media for Penny Gnomes has been a lot of fun, and running the @PennyGnomes twitter account has been a blast. Over the last two days various characters have been hijacking the feed, adding their own personality to the tweets. Fineflen insulted my fashion sense, Grimby touted the value the dwarves bring to The Realm, Nobody has been smacked over the head 3 for getting spoilery, and Bug has interacted with one of my followers in a very Bug-like fashion 4. Writing tweets as these different personalities is a challenge, given twitter’s character confines, but it’s rewarding. When one of these characters takes over I know it’s them, and as an author that’s really cool.

The hijacks are so fun I’m wondering if these characters shouldn’t have their own twitter accounts. I’ll have to ponder this a bit more. In the meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy the Penny Gnomes’ social feeds!

  1. At some time in the future. 
  2. At some point I suppose I’ll need to set up a site just to handle Painfully Hopeful Press. I’m not quite there yet. 
  3. In a loving way. 
  4. And he insulted my intelligence, but I deserved it. 


  1. You best be careful these characters don’t find themselves TOO attached to social media, or they won’t want to story it up anymore!

    1. wezlo says:

      It’s in their blood!

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