I Don’t Get It

I don’t get the appeal of internet trolling 1.

How twisted do people have to be to think scroll-by insults are worth the energy they take to dish out? What good is self-validation that requires someone else to be, in a troll’s mind, taken down a peg?

I don’t get troll guard dogs.

What gift do we offer to humanity when we target someone who is perplexed with, uncertain of, or in disagreement over a stated idea. Do we enlighten ourselves? Do we help those who are confused? Sometimes I wonder if troll guard dogs are really just small trolls.

I don’t get troll fighters.

What good does it do us, or anyone else, to take up a troll’s disingenuous offer to debate? Sometimes I wonder if anti-troll zealots are just trolls on their lunch break.

I don’t get computer chair activists.

I don’t know why people will share the most ludicrous stories 2 on social media, thinking each time, “This will show them how stupid they are!” Sometimes I wonder if computer chair activists aren’t just trolls in disguise.

I just don’t get it. Are people really burning so hot with hidden and unreflecting rage they can’t feel valued if they aren’t devaluing others? Are we as a culture withered inside so completely? Can’t we do better?

  1. I do get the appeal of in-person trolling with friends. I’m not good at it, but some of my best friends are experts at it and it’s hysterical. I may have to blog on that tomorrow. 
  2. And easy to verify as false. 


  1. I do NOT get it, either. I’ve had a couple trolls on Twitter, and it’s strange–they’ll go after you for HOURS in a day, and then they’ll just vanish into the ether. I’ll still block them to make sure they can’t find me again, but it’s just so strange–how in blazes did they find me in the first place, and what even set them off? But people looking for a reason to BE set off don’t usually need much.

    1. wezlo says:

      It’s a strange psychology.

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