Sick Days

Bump’s under the weather.

He’s running a mild fever, drooling, and is snotty as all get out. He actually started getting stuffy Monday night, but he was still his perky self when we dropped him off at the sitter Tuesday. By the time I got to Trenton, however, he’d developed a fever and I turned around and came home to take care of him. Last night he began tugging at his ear, a sure sign of an ear infection, so we took him to a pediatric urgent care, but it turns out he’s probably just got a cold and the combination of teething and sinus pressure is giving him some ear discomfort. Poor thing.

I was already scheduled to take my day off Wednesday and stay with him due to a scheduling issue with our sitter, so today I’m being the sick baby caretaker once again. He’s in a pretty good mood, considering. He’s still eating, likes to play, and is talking up a storm 1. He’s just sleeping a bit more than normal.

It’s weird being back in this role after years of our other two kids being ok to watch themselves when they are home sick 2. Just another way life has changed following Bump’s arrival.

  1. Also, drooling. A lot of drooling. 
  2. And, really, I was never the primary care giver on sick days with our other two kids, as my wife hadn’t gone back to teaching after they were born. 

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  1. Ooooooooooooooooh little stuffy-nose baby sadness! It’s so hard to sleep with such a tiny nose full of boogers.

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