Some Photography YouTubers

I’ve learned a lot from YouTube over the years. Any time I run into a roadblock learning new software, for example, YouTube is the first place I look. So when it comes to one of my favorite hobbies, YouTube is a go to space.

One of the things that shocks me about my YouTube explorations on photography, however, is how I’ve come to enjoy certain personalities I’ve found. These aren’t just clever presenters, however, each of these folks shares some wonderful and informative content. I’ve come to value each, and highly recommend them for anyone who is interested in exploring photography. Because I’ve been focused on MicroFourThirds photography for the past year or so, each of these YouTubers concentrates on MFT related topics. But don’t let that lessen their appeal if you shoot with another system, there’s a lot on each of these channels that can inspire you.

Micro Four Nerds

I first encountered this channel when I was considering my purchase of a MicroFourThirds camera, and was instrumental influence on my decision to go that route. She has a lot of fun with her videos, and I’ve learned a lot as she’s demonstrated her favorite techniques.

Image Maven

Marlene Hielema is a photographer who shoots with a lot of Panasonic kit, so I’ve learned a lot of the more obscure features on my G7 from her. One of her best videos explained a bit of how to use my histogram, which is something I’m really enjoying.

Terry Lane

Terry has been a photographer who has been shooting since 1956. He’s got such wealth of knowledge that I could listen to him for hours. Perhaps my favorite video of his explains the realities of sensor noise and how to reduce its perceived effect on a photograph. Toward the end he explains why he’s got such a natural aversion to shooting at higher ISO’s, when he began as a photography film was 12 ASA. Twelve ISO! It’s well worth the watch.

If you’re interested in photography I hope you’ll explore these YouTubers. They are a pleasure to follow, and have taught me so much!



  1. Jamison says:

    I love some of the channels where they walk through, step-by-step, how they process and edit an image. Going into incredible detail about every adjustment. Sometimes it takes close to 45 minutes to complete, but it’s super informative and cool to watch. More post-processing focused, but cool.

    1. wezlo says:

      Yah, I love stuff like that.

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