One of the things I pointed out in my sermon this week is that I love church buildings and church architecture. Central Baptist’s sanctuary is so lovely it’s brought me close to tears on more than one occasion 1. It is a beautiful space which is designed well. I’m not a fan of pews because they limit how we can arrange the space and put serious restrictions on people who have physical limitations, but overall the space is wonderful.

Central Baptist Sanctuary from the front.
An 8 Exposure HDR merge. The results were then run through Fisheye Hemi to get rid of much of the distortion.

But it’s also true to say that Jesus’ disciples are, in fact, the true structure of the Church 2. And if we aren’t the building that makes up the real Church, the structures in which we meet mean nothing. People could drive by them every day for years, and many do, and never recognize what they are meant to represent. It’s only when we’re seen out in the world, changed by what we encounter in worship, that people will ever notice the church as a positive presence.

This is why what we Christians do in worship is so important. The actions we undertake, and the narrative we pursue, as we worship do change us. And this change is what we reflect out into the world. If we tell a narrative that is self-centered or based on fulfilling “this world” desires, we’ll reflect that. If we tell a narrative that is self-less and is based on the virtues of a kingdom not of this world, we’ll reflect that. It’s something to ponder.

  1. The first time I saw it, the space took my breath away. 
  2. Yes, it’s feeling a bit overly platonic right now.