Back in Motion


Today I had an opportunity to spend some time with Apple Motion. It’s been a while since I’ve really had an opportunity to make something with it 1, but a logo I’ve made recently had me wanting to pulling it out. It has an organic flow, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to play with Motion’s excellent masking features.

The animation embedded below uses two cameras, one which tracks roughly with the expanding root structure of the tree 2 and one which sees the entire 1080p canvas. It’s cool to see the cut between the two, though I might ripple the transition back a few frames so the roots are still growing when camera 2 takes over.

One weird thing about Motion, however, is the complete lack of built in wipe effects. I hacked a wipe transition in the embedded animation by drawing a black rectangle over “ooted,” and then feathering the edge to create a fall off to transparency. I then animated the square to move off the canvas, revealing “ooted” as it did so. My hack works because I was working against a single color background, which won’t work a lot in my projects, but finding simple hacks is half the fun of creating!

Anyway, here’s my final product 3, I really need to make use of Motion more often.

  1. Because I’m a novice, and so doing anything takes some time while I re-learn the interface and figure out a workflow. 
  2. I could have done motion tracking, which would have followed on stroke down perfectly. But I like the slight off-set in the track. 
  3. For now. 


  1. That’s really pretty!

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