Keeping the Light On

Panasonic G7 with 14-42 mm lens • 14 mm • ISO 3200 • ƒ/5.3 • 1/40 sec

I was over watching a movie at a friend’s house this evening, and when I strolled home I noticed how interesting our new porch lights are. About a month ago we got some auto-sensing daylight LED bulbs for our porches, but I’ve not had a time to really look at them from the outside. I typically don’t enjoy daylight bulbs, I find they do tend to throw off my internal clock, but I have to admit these produce a neat lighting effect on my back porch.

As I developed the image embedded to the right, I felt I wanted to give it a bit of a creepy vibe. So I rendered it in Black and White and allowed some film grain to be added in the process. I may go back and add a vignette at some point, but I enjoy this image. I also might grab some shots later in the weekend at a wider aperture. You can click on the image for the full-resolution.

It was edited in On1 Photo Raw 2019.5.