The Stairs

I enjoy using my fisheye as a walking lens.

On The Vine

I captured this photo at a friend’s parent’s home last week. The sunlight was harsh while we were there, which made capturing the angles I wanted difficult. Colors tended to become blown out, taking away from detail. I managed to recover much of the data and develop a decent image, but there was something about…

Seeking Shade

A hazy day in the Delaware Valley afforded me an opportunity to play with On1 Photo Raw’s excellent masking features.

Garden Gate

I’ve not spent a lot of time in the gardens at Williamsburg, and for the life of me I don’t know why. But the gates have always captured my attention.

Diverging Shadows

We had a break in our endless humidity and thunderstorms last night, which afforded me an opportunity to stroll down to the river and capture some photos as the Sun set.

At The Station

It’s fun when you learn just how iconic a cool looking structure really is.