Going Old School

A few months back I caught an article about the return of an old-school arcade to a mall not too far from where I live. I made a mental note to check it out at an opportune time, but hadn’t found a good block to get over there until yesterday.

A Bit Squirrelly

My July 4^th^ was… interesting. I was preparing to head down to the parade to capture my annual photos of the same firetrucks, when I noticed we had a bag of trash ready to go out to the can. Being a dutiful husband 1, I decided to take the bag out and have that be…

One Lord

The Sunday nearest Independence Day has, on occasion, provoked a question from some folks in my congregation, “Why didn’t we sing any patriotic songs this morning?” My answer is always the same.

What is Patriotism?

I love to study U.S. History. It is a topic which yields profound insights into the human character – both noble and terrible.

Responsible Freedom

We sometimes allow ourselves to hold on to the false notion that the “early church” was pristine and that all its theology was settled. The impulse this false notion leads to, especially among low-church folks like us Baptists, is that if we could only get back to the early church all of our problems would go away. But it’s a lie.