Baptist Church Names


It’s amazing the types of things you can learn from a church name. Even in Baptist Circles, where the Smith 1 and Jones 2 of the church name world dominate the landscape, church names give some insight into a church’s cultural history.

I’ve listed below some the most common names which I’ve encountered for Baptist Churches, along with some of the more common reasons behind these names. Just a couple of thoughts before you read on.

First, these are generalizations. If you attend a church with one of these names and the description doesn’t fit, that’s terrific. But if you look down the street, or to the next town, you’ll more likely than not find a church which does match the description.

Second, while these descriptions are generally true 3, I’ve written them tongue-in-cheek. Why? So we can laugh at ourselves. Being able to laugh at ourselves is a wonderful tonic for taking ourselves too seriously. And I pastor a Central Baptist Church so, yes, I am laughing at myself.

OK? Let’s check out the list.

First Baptist Church

We’re here, and you’re going to have to deal.

Second Baptist Church

The folks at First Baptist couldn’t deal with brown people.

Third Baptist Church

We really do not play well with others.

Central Baptist Church

We’re between multiple municipalities and, even though we lean toward one over the others, we didn’t want exclude potential members.

Calvary Baptist Church

We wanted to let people know we were with Jesus, and we ran out of ideas. We also don’t mind explaining that we don’t worship on horseback. That’s cavalry.

St. Paul’s Baptist Church

Paul embraced Gentiles in his ministry. He’d be hanging out with brown folks nowadays so we’ve put down the welcome mat.

Antioch Baptist Church

We’ve got all kinds here. Or at least that’s what we want you to think.

[Town Name] Baptist Church

We belong here. Really, we do. Like us on Facebook.

  1. First Baptist. 
  2. Central Baptist. 
  3. From my vantage point, anyway. 

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  1. LMAO! Lutherans almost always go with a Gospel writer. We’ve got a gazillion St. John’seseses, particularly. Occasionally there’s the poetic names–Shepherd of the Hills, David’s Star, Gloria Dei Bethesda, etc…

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