Middle Child Syndrome

I’ve always been a bit of a misfit. “Fitting in” was never a skill I mastered growing up, and so I bounced around a lot among my peers. I’m a natural outlier, and always have been. It’s funny, but since we reached adulthood my generation seems to have become the outliers of society en masse. We are Generation X, the middle child of generations. That is, we’re the kids everyone forgets.

But, dang it, I was this before it was cool. I’m an actual middle child who is part of the middle child generation. I’m not just GenX, I’m varsity GenX. I exist as the outlier of the outlier generation. It’s a bizarre place in which to stand, but I’ve never actually stood anywhere else. If I really fit in some place I’m not sure I’d know what to do. In my semi-exile I’m free to work without most people even noticing until I pop my head back into the world and say, “Look what I did.”

A lot of times folks take the stuff I make and use it without thinking much about it, they just assume its existence as a given. Some days this stings a bit. I mean, I think everyone has some desire to be seen. Most days, however, I just breathe a sigh of relief and retreat to my outlier realm–so I can begin poking the world in the eye all over again. I’m a middle child GenXer.

I play for the varsity.

Varsity GenX—Middle children born 1965-1980

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