A Matter of Time


Welcome to 2020, happy New Year!

I took the last couple of months of 2019 off from blogging, I needed a break and wanted to catch my breath. I’m beginning anew with the start of a new year and decade, but not in a daily format. Instead, I’m planning on posting three days a week–Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m looking forward to it!

But is this a new decade?

Well, yes and no.

Because there was no year zero we count Centuries and Millennia, from the 1’s. This is why, for example, the 1900’s were the Twentieth Century. It ended in the year 2000. The Twenty-First Century began with the stroke of midnight in 2001 1. So by that count this is not the beginning of the second decade of the Twenty-First Century.

The problem is, our culture designates decades from the 0’s. For example, 1980-1989 2 are referred to as “the 80’s” instead of “the ninth decade of the Twentieth Century.” The latter description may be more accurate, but it has zero ring to it.

What does all this mean? Well, first, it means “welcome to the 20’s.” Second, it means that time is a cultural construct and it’s all just an illusion.

Happy New Year.

  1. And also the Third Millennium of the Common Era. 
  2. As I was born in 1973, that’s the decade I remember most as my childhood.