On the Beach


Earlier this week I attended a clergy retreat in Harvey Cedars, NJ. It was a blessed time, filled with time for contemplation instead of programming. I spent a good portion of our time in silence walking the wintering streets of the Summer resort with my camera. Few cars were out, fewer houses were occupied. My only earthly companions were the wind and the sky above me.

As an experiment, I decided to put my 7.5 mm fisheye lens on my camera. This afforded me all sorts of options to frame my shots, and created some impressive perspective. The fisheye perspective on landscape shots, in particular, exudes transcendence. The wide field of view, combined with the distortion, create a massive sense of scale. Looking at my photos from my walk in silence makes me feel tiny, which creates a wonderful appreciation for the greatness of both the world around me and the Creator of all things. My favorite from the series is below, the rest can be found on my smugmug page.

Beach path across the dunes
Panasonic G7 with 7.5 mm 7 Artisans fisheye lens • ISO 200 • 1/4000 sec


  1. Jamison says:

    The sun doesn’t even look real in that shot. Crazy

    1. wezlo says:

      I know, the flare’s on this lens are amazing.

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