Random Thoughts #3


It’s Wednesday, and that means random thoughts with no explanation!

  1. I carry my stress in my shoulders.
  2. Bump hasn’t been feeling well for a week.
  3. I don’t find dance to be an entertaining art form, but I still admire the skill.
  4. I’ll never understand why people tell me learning how to use document styles is “too hard.”
  5. Have you ever woken up with your eyes so dry it felt like daggers were stabbing your irises?
  6. I miss having YouTube.tv.
  7. I have a walking desk, which was given to me by a church member after he retired.
  8. On the whole, I hate listening to other preachers.
  9. Find a decent VPN and use it, especially on public wifi.
  10. When a friend says they love you, that’s awesome.