Random Thoughts #70

It’s Wednesday. Welcome to the mental roller-skating rink that is my mind–a constant changing of direction and a whole lot of noise. It’s time for random thoughts. This week I thought I was going to bring some pain to the party on a side-trip. They didn’t even break a sweat. Now I will try harder…

Random Thoughts #69

It’s Wednesday, which gives you the opportunity to raft though a bit of my mind. Welcome to the dangerous rapids that are random thoughts.

Random Thoughts #68

On Wednesdays I invite you, the reader, to wonder how I manage to function. These are random thoughts.

Random Thoughts #67

Wednesday offers you, the reader, a shallow dive into the odd shallows of the zoned out waters of what my family referred to as “Wes world” when I was a kid. This is random thoughts, and you have been warned.

Random Thoughts #66

I’m on vacation, so I’m taking a pause on things, but I couldn’t let a Wednesday go by without random thoughts.