Random Thoughts #11


It’s Wednesday, time for some random thoughts!

  1. I have not eaten all the snacks.
  2. Bump is great at playing while mom and dad attempt to work. I feel bad we’re not paying attention to him more.
  3. My current D&D Character is a Half-Elf Paladin with a strong dose of noble privilege. But down deep he’s really a kind soul who cares for the party.
  4. Encountering Protestants who are talking about old Christian theology like it was some radical new idea is giving me a headache.
  5. If a pastor is holding a “normal” church service right now, and claiming it’s about “religious freedom,” then that pastor is showing they don’t give two craps about their neighbors.
  6. Allow me to reiterate, grieving lost opportunities, or even normal interactions, is not selfish.
  7. I will lend my metaphorical wiffle-ball bat of doom to anyone who encounters someone who is saying that displaying signs of grief is selfish. These people need to be metaphorically smacked upside the head.
  8. My daughter is an “essential worker” because she’s a Chipotle employee. This causes me great concern.
  9. My almost two year old throws less tantrums than the current President of the United States.
  10. Medical professionals are freaking super heroes.
  11. More than ever in my life I’m seeing the truth of this statement, “Busyness is not faithfulness.” We can still say, “No” to good things, it’s probably more important to do so now more than ever.