Spring Bloom


I took this photo last week, when the skies were blue and the allergies were exploding. It was captured with my adapted Minolta 80-200 lens, so I’m not sure of the exact focal length 1, but the lens was approaching the maximum when I captured this scene.

I love the colors, they scream, “Spring!” But it’s the lens compression 2, aided by the church lawn being about six inches above the sidewalk, which makes it stand out to me. The street sign, in reality, is a good distance away from the church sign, and the blossoming tree is nowhere near either. The tree is, in fact, across a street–a street which is hidden from view because of the angle from which I was shooting. It’s a nice effect.

Central Baptist Church Sign
Panasonic G7 with adapted Minolta 80-200 lens • ISO 200 • 1/500 sec

  1. I need to remember to keep track of both focal length and f-stop when I’ve got an adapted lens on my G7. 
  2. Lens compression happens when you take a photo from an extreme focal length. Distant objects can appear as though they are much closer to the subject than they are in reality. They are “compressed.”