Random Thoughts #13


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts!

  1. Monday was my first day off in over three weeks.
  2. I keep people saying “showering is optional.” I don’t get it. The thought of not taking a shower makes me feel gross. What is the appeal of sitting around, feeling slimy?
  3. I have not spent an entire day in sweat pants during our quarantine life 1.
  4. I’m considering starting a YouTube channel, but when it comes to interests I’m a bard. There’s no one thing on which I want to focus.
  5. I may find some time & energy to write in 2020. I’m rather looking forward to that.
  6. The past several months have necessitated that I spend some time learning CSS for ePubs. It’s been a fun exercise.
  7. Easter was weird, but I’ve been so grateful for all the folks who watch our stream each week.
  8. I’ve worn a button down shirt all of two times since we’ve been stuck home.
  9. Bump is legit talking, and it’s really cute.
  10. Bump had his first egg hunt yesterday, he loved it. Our neighbors came over, but remained outside the fence and a safe distance away. Bump kept trying to offer them eggs, and the goodies inside. It was both adorable and heart-breaking.
  11. “Nice Pants” are now jeans.

  1. After 5 PM, though, all bets are off.