Random Thoughts #17


It’s Wednesday, random thoughts time!

  1. I have good days and bad days. Yesterday was not a good day, there was much depression.
  2. One thing I’ve learned during this quarantine is that the USA seems to be made up of nothing but different versions of adolescents. Give us what we want, even if it’s terrible for us, or we will be angry.
  3. People who complain about “snowflakes” are usually the most fragile snowflakes of all.
  4. I don’t know what point number three means about me.
  5. Bump now has favorite episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And my wife and I have begun pointing out plot holes. Send help.
  6. My brain was never really “functional,” now I’m lucky if I can focus for a couple hours at a time.
  7. Scheduling things helps, but scheduling is not an easy thing to do when the house is full and the toddler needs care.
  8. When I woke up it was thirty-eight degrees 1, it’s May. What the heck?
  9. My coffee turned out better today, this should help with the depression.
  10. Bump’s favorite form of showing me affection is to get excited when I lie down on the floor, and then jump on my head like a professional wrestler. Sometimes he bounces.

  1. Fahrenheit, for my non-US readers.