Random Thoughts #18


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts.

  1. Americans don’t like to be told “no” or “you can’t.” How this turns out for people when they express this antithesis often depends on the color of their skin.
  2. Successes belongs to my church. Shortcomings and failures are owned by me.
  3. Bump has begun to look at things and say, “Oh, nice!” Two weeks ago my wife came down and he spun and said, “Nice shirt, mama!” This kid is going places.
  4. As much as I hated it, our terrible Spring weather was the one thing that kept quarantine in place for as long it was.
  5. The keyboard on the 2020 13 inch MacBook Pro is phenomenal.
  6. 1960’s Jersey Shore drive-in church might be a thing in Palmyra this Summer.
  7. You learn a great deal about someone’s heart when they hear “I don’t know” or “The data is now suggesting.”
  8. I made a hand sanitizer icon yesterday, I’m quite proud of it.
  9. Wisdom is a dying art.
  10. I often think my respect for the bulk of American Christianity couldn’t get any more sparse. And every time American Christianity turns to me and says, “Hold my beer.”