Random Thoughts #19


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts.

  1. In college I had a friend with the nickname Mavis. We played Spades at Eastern, and named the two of clubs Mavis. At Central we have a member named Mavis. What’s the point? I have none.
  2. If I capture a thought and hold on to it for more than two seconds, I consider that a win. Quarantine is not being kind to my brain.
  3. I’m a police chaplain, and am proud to serve with the officers on Palmyra’s force. The callousness by which George Floyd was killed is exactly what police resiliency training warns officers about. Minneapolis Police need a new culture, and the men who killed George Floyd need to face justice.
  4. We had a social-distance dinner outside with our neighbors on Monday. It was needed.
  5. A book I read on the 1918 Influenza Pandemic pointed out that a pandemic pulls between three points: Public Health, Civil Rights, and Economic strength. We’re watching this happen before our eyes, but this healthy tension has been hijacked by the hyper-partisan mob. Not good.
  6. To say I’m proud the people who make up Central Baptist’s community is an understatement. I’m not worthy of these folks.
  7. When I get my FM transmitter board set up you better darn well believe I’m doing a drive in movie.
  8. I miss hugs.
  9. Wearing a mask in warm weather is uncomfortable. My discomfort is not a reason to refrain from wearing a mask.
  10. Defog spray doesn’t work. Sigh.


  1. Judy Naylor says:

    Clean your glasses with shaving cream. Virtual hug to you.

    1. wezlo says:

      Hi JUDY!!!! Virtual hug to you too!

      Shaving creaming…. hmmmmm.

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