Random Thoughts #23


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts!

  1. The good news is, because CoVid-19 scrapped planned time off this past Spring, I’m taking all of July off. It’s a mini sabbatical!
  2. When I see large crowds of unmasked drunken idiots down the shore I want to make my metaphorical wiffle ball bat of doom into a real wiffle ball bat of doom. Thanks for sending us back to mid-April, morons.
  3. The GOP’s insane dedication to faux-libertarian ideology–which keeps poor people on the edge of collapse, and pits the middle class against them by squeezing them closer and closer to the edge of oblivion, while also helping the ultra-rich become even richer–is evil.
  4. Baseball may come back, which is nice, but the idiots who are out partying may derail it yet.
  5. I have to admit I’m finding it difficult to follow my own advice on mask wearing. The abnormality of it is wearing on my psyche.
  6. I’m going to try to learn a couple new pieces of software during this vacation, so that will be fun.
  7. The ease by which the evangelicals have swallowed #3 disgusts me.
  8. Note to self, waking up early to walk and get some sunrise photos is a really good idea.
  9. On1 came out with their mobile app yesterday. It’s about where Lr Mobile was when it was first released, but I expect them to catch up quick. It’ll be nice to get the iPad back into my photography workflow.
  10. The bad news is, there’s no where to go. The morons are ruining even the partial reopening we’ve had, and we can’t put Bump in a mask. We’ll take some day trips, but that’s about it. Sigh.