Random Thoughts #25


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts!

  1. I’m half-way through week two of vacation and it feels like the same groundhog day reality I’ve been living since March. Some park visits are in order.
  2. I have seen more versions of “Baby Shark” than I thought I could exist. Soon all music will be “Baby Shark,” it must be stopped.
  3. Racists suck.
  4. DeSean Jackson, SMH.
  5. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, an economic crash, and a push to finally dismantle systemic racism. And ICE thought, “What’s the best way for us to be xenophobic jackasses?” And then did that. Great job.
  6. Seriously, how many versions of “Baby Shark” are there?
  7. I’ve enjoyed writing some reviews over vacation. It’s nice to do longer form reflections.
  8. No matter how many times I try, 99 out of 100 times I still can’t spell the word sergeant without looking up up.
  9. I’m very tired of Christians whose real faith is in their political ideology.
  10. If you thought about “those people” when you read point nine, go back and re-read point nine.