Random Thoughts #27


It’s Wednesday, random thoughts time!

  1. Today I got donuts. There some some vacation traditions that even CoVid-19 can’t derail.
  2. I have noticed that both reactionaries and progressives tend to confuse “people not liking us because we’re thin-skinned and insecure” with “persecution.”
  3. You are not being harmed by wearing a mask. Stop it.
  4. We have very few actual conservatives any more, because so many who were conservative have run into the reactionary range. It was this shift among Conservative Christians which led me to drop the Evangelical label in 2008, and the problem has only accelerated since then–it has hit warp speed under Trump. This is a bad thing, our culture needs conservative and liberal voices to keep us honest.
  5. Point number two doesn’t say “both sides are the same.” The ideologies are different, and I favor one direction over the other. But the further you go in either direction, the more the personality types are the same.
  6. The whole “red pill or blue pill” was a great theme in The Matrix. Applying it to US Politics is a lie which keeps us in a real-life type of matrix where two destructive political parties get to stay in power and let the rest of us eat scraps.
  7. I don’t understand how Christians can “believe in President Trump” when the only thing he believes in is himself. Transactional religion and politics are antithetical to the Christian faith, the Old Testament Prophets were’t too fond of such things, either.
  8. I do not like the WordPress block editor even a little bit. It’s constrictive and clunky.
  9. To say the battle system in Paper Mario: Origami King is “tedious” is an under-statement. I shut the game down in the middle of boss battles because I’m annoyed. The game itself is well-written and beautiful, which makes the hacked in mechanic even more jarring.