Random Thoughts #29


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts.

  1. Does anyone else feel like our culture is having a collective psychotic break?
  2. “They don’t want you to know this but…” is a great dramatic device for the X-Files. In reality it’s a signal flare for conspiracy nonsense. I know “reality TV” has blurred the lines between reality and entertainment, but you are not on a TV show. Please stop stealing their plot devices.
  3. One thing I keep hearing from the far right and the far left is that “the media is all liars.” Does trouble anyone else?
  4. In my life I have been neither cool nor popular 1. It’s too much energy to be either of those things, and when the eventual collapse of the efforts to be either cool or popular arrives you end up looking like President of the United States whining that his approval rating isn’t as high as someone else’s. This is probably why I find instagram dull.
  5. Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.
  6. When is Stranger Things 4 coming?
  7. Yesterday I got to watch a hockey game. I have missed hockey.
  8. Every one of my pastoral visits is now either on the phone or via text. This up from from the 90% of pastoral visits which were done this way before the pandemic.
  9. I confess I consider point eight, think of extroverted pastors biting their fingernails because they aren’t getting their “people fix,” and giggle.
  10. In case you were wondering. I am not a nice person.

  1. I have a friend who once looked at me and said, “You know, Wes. You aren’t cool.” I’m almost certain it was meant as a compliment.