Random Thoughts #34

It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts!

  1. The complaint, “Stop being political” can be translated as, “I’m uncomfortable when I’m not agreed with all the time, so stop it.”
  2. I am re-reading the City Watch Discworld novels. The combination of deep cynicism mixed with serious ethics is about as unique as I’ve ever read. This could be said for all of Discworld.
  3. It’s Self Published Fantasy Month. I’d be honored if folks gave my novel a try.
  4. I love learning.
  5. It would be nice if the Flyers could beat the Islanders without overtime.
  6. The other day Bump said, “No Papaw, that not a diamond. That a pentagon.” And he was correct. I’m impressed.
  7. Why do Evangelicals confuse “hate” and “being disagreed with?”
  8. Have I said, lately, how much I appreciate the folks of Central Baptist Riverton-Palmyra?
  9. Any pastor who misreads CDC data and declares “there is no pandemic” should be removed. Or we could treat these pastors the way we treat black athletes and shout, “Shut up and preach!” What’s good for the goose…
  10. Does anyone else see the irony of all the people screaming at others for being “sheep” while using the same talking points?