Random Thoughts #37

It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts!

  1. I’ve got Final Cut Pro and a MacBook which can run it well, but I prefer editing video on my iPad using Luma Fusion.
  2. The Eagles are terrible. Sigh.
  3. I’m reading Night Watch by Terry Pratchett right now. I think it should probably be required reading for both police officers and activists.
  4. People submitted their first short stories for Meditative Fiction over the weekend, and I loved each one. This is going to be a fun journey.
  5. The GOP has zero integrity, and responding to that statement with “It’s just politics” is one lever which leads to totalitarianism.
  6. My brain can get sucked into kid’s YouTube videos, I confess this worries me a bit.
  7. The last two Sunday’s have been beautiful, and I spent those afternoons on my back porch with some good food & drink and a TV. It’s too bad both afternoons were spoiled by terrible football games.
  8. Thinking, “We might as well have a civil war and get it over with” is pretty much the same “logic” which leads to, “Just let everyone get CoVid-19 and get it over with.”
  9. William Penn lived a rather interesting life.
  10. When I was little I used to wonder why Crayola spelled “crowns” wrong.