Random Thoughts #38

It’s Wednesday, which means random thoughts. I’m not sure I can muster up mirth today after last night’s Thanksgiving argument with the racist uncle.

  1. TV debates have little value. They tend to be focus-group tested talking points where the other candidate does their best to steal the mic. But I’ve never seen a debate where I felt less informed coming out of it.
  2. A sitting US President is declaring a national election a fraud a month from election day while ballots are already being submitted. And I’ve already seen people on Facebook saying, “Yah! Right!”
  3. A hamburger on a genuine Kaiser Roll is a thing of bliss.
  4. For people who are looking forward to an actual civil war, or at least aren’t shying away from it. I’ve got a two and a half year old son and I’d like him to group up in a functioning country working its way toward better living up to its own ideals. So, on his behalf, I ask, “Could you please at least try to not destroy my child’s future? Or any child’s future, for that matter?” Is that really too much to ask?
  5. My mental arms are tired from swinging my metaphorical wiffle ball bat of doom so much.
  6. Christian Nationalism is Fascism wearing a “White Jesus” paint-by-numbers picture.
  7. The winner of last night’s Thanksgiving dinner argument was every country on the planet which has a vested interest in seeing the United States fall into chaos.
  8. “Third party” still makes the assumption that the two large parties are the only “real” ones. Here’s the thing. The GOP and DNC are Budweiser and Coors. They’re beer, but anyone who understands beer realizes they’re designed to be quaffed until you get dead drunk rather than enjoyed. Let’s call smaller parties “Artisanal Parties.” I’d go with “Craft Parties,” to keep with the beer metaphor, but then people would show up trying to make artsy greeting cards. Yes, I could just call the large parties the “Kraft Singles of politics” but no one is delusional enough to think those are actual cheese.
  9. Last night’s Thanksgiving dinner argument was so bad a CNN anchor swore on live TV and the rest of the post-argument panel just shrugged. I mean, there is something to calling it like you see it.
  10. How, in the name of all that is good and true and holy, do you shank your answer to the question, “Will you, right here, condemn white supremacy?”