Random Thoughts #39


Wednesday is random thoughts time!

  1. It’s a strange thing to have someone accuse you of “living in fear” because you practice CoVid-19 mitigation, while the person doing the accusing is ranting about how the government is targeting them for destruction.
  2. Bump is doing compound sentences. This morning it was, “How about we go downstairs and watch colors?”
  3. My D&D group is weird. But we helped the Bard pay taxes so that’s OK.
  4. Psalm 119 is very long.
  5. When a YouTube ad comes on Bump says, “Oh no! What happened?”
  6. If I get a chance to write this evening I should hit 10,000 words on my Penny Gnomes sequel. This makes me happy.
  7. I’d much rather watch Blippi than Bubble Guppies. Bubble Guppies confuses me.
  8. I have no problem unfriending people with whom I have no “real world” connection.
  9. Yesterday someone thought that saying, “They don’t do contact tracing at BLM riots either” was a successful defense of the White House not doing contact tracing for their cluster. So, the cult has lowered their expectations for their messiah to the same ethical level as a riot 1. That’s just great.
  10. Grinding fresh roasted coffee beans in the morning as I prepare my French Press is a time of delicious-smelling meditation.

  1. Don’t even get me started on the BLM smokescreen.