Random Thoughts #40


It’s Wednesday, that means random thoughts!

  1. On Monday I had to remind myself, on multiple occasions, that it was not Saturday. Time no longer has any meaning.
  2. Someone told me yesterday that something I designed “looked professional.” It was a compliment, and I took it as such, but I also felt compelled to point out I had run communications for a regional organization for a decade so I probably was “a professional.” Then I threw up in my mouth a bit.
  3. For my friend, Jim–according to Siri it’s March 227th.
  4. Have any other authors had their characters take over a twitter feed? Bug gets pretty nasty with me at @pennygnomes. It’s not like it’s my fault his part in The Darned Conspiracy comes later. He was busy!
  5. Last Friday was the first time since the pandemic hit that I turned to my wife and said, “I’m not doing well.” It was a hard week 1.
  6. %Bug% If you were a major character in the previous novel, wouldn’t you be upset that you were a side character in the sequel? %Bug%
  7. Get off the line, Bug!
  8. Fire pits are wonderful.
  9. My favorite Discworld character is Vimes. What’s yours?
  10. Thanks to Renee Cappetta, of the Guitar Guild, I’ve got “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” stuck in my head.

  1. And when you’re not doing ok, admit it. It’s important for healing.